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Adopted with module wiring box in brand new arrangement, utilizing case
space more sufficiently, realized the multimedia I/O.

  ◆ Voice modul:May realize 2 in and 6 out;adopted coupling standard RJ45;
  ◆ Wired TV:Wired TV distributor is a device used for distributing the TV signal and
      retaining wire to provide A/V information for the households.Two types of TV 
      distributor are available: 1 to 4 and 2 to 8.
  ◆Computer data:May realize 2 in and 2 out;adopted coupling standard RJ45;
  ◆RVV signal collecting: Switched over by 12 lines Rvv flexible cord,
     compressed joint by brass screw
  ◆5 port concentrator(optional):5 10M Ethernet ports
  ◆Installation manner:Hidden
  ◆Case selected:Metal panel+metal bottom  material in cold-rolled steel sheet
  ◆Earthing:Earthing terminal in brass
  ◆ I/O wire hole: Φ25(mm)
ICP 09096665
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